NAR survey shows how college, student debt affect homeownership This article quantifies the impact of underlying demographic and income trends on homeownership, concluding that while much of the increase in the aggregate homeownership rate can be attributed to.

CoreLogic: More foreclosures lead to fewer underwater mortgages Lennar Corp. 4Q earnings down 5.5%, revenue up 11% CIT Group 4Q interest income fell to $754 million

CoreLogic – fewer homes underwater CoreLogic today released new analysis showing that 10.8 million, or 22.3%, of all residential properties with a mortgage were in negative equity at the end of the second quarter of 2012. This is down from 11.4 million properties, or 23.7%, at the end of the first quarter of 2012. An.

The slope became distinctively more slippery on Friday when the U.S. Treasury Department unveiled a new push to prevent foreclosures by persuading banks to reduce principal on underwater. could.

Family flees dream home because it used to be a meth house How to avoid buying a meth house A home that’s contaminated because of methamphetamine production or use may show few visible signs of the risks it poses. And if that weren’t bad enough, there’s a lot of bad guidance floating around about how to spot one. By Marilyn Lewis of MSN Real Estate

Nearly 232,000 Massachusetts homeowners were “underwater,” or owed more on their home loans than their properties were worth during the second quarter of 2012, an improvement compared to the.

Banks from Citibank to Wells Fargo to SunTrust are also laying off hundreds or more than. stage of the foreclosure process, 33% fewer than 1.4 million in August 2012, according to CoreLogic. That.

FHA eases new rule on collections accounts America Is Already Socialist; Might As Well Bring On The Universal Healthcare – USA Overall Economic Freedom: New. the rule of law (i.e. property rights and government integrity) than Saudi Arabia. These are often important but often overlooked aspects of economic freedom; the.

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Sept. 12, 2012 – CoreLogic says 10.8 million (22.3 percent) of all residential properties with a mortgage had negative equity (under.

The number of local homeowners "underwater" on their mortgages is falling as the housing market heals, CoreLogic reported Tuesday. About 11 percent of St. Louis-area homeowners with a mortgage.

Rapidly declining prices meant that homeowners started to owe more on their mortgages than their homes were worth. This can lead to short sales, foreclosures, and a serious blow to a households’ net.

CoreLogic: Fewer homes underwater In real estate on September 12, 2012 at 4:35 pm SANTA ANA, Calif. – Sept. 12, 2012 – CoreLogic says 10.8 million (22.3 percent) of all residential properties with a mortgage had negative equity (underwater) at the end of the second quarter 2012.

Get the Deed: Take Over Homes in Foreclosure Subject To Existing Mortgage Home foreclosures are the lowest they’ve been in more than a decade, but some states are still battling the problem, with the most serious category of mortgage delinquencies running at about.

So there’s a silver lining for you: fewer mortgages are underwater because more borrowers are drowning. Read the full report (which includes some nice charts) at CoreLogic.

A recent CoreLogic report said there were 1.7 million fewer homes considered underwater in the fourth quarter. related consumer corner: Banks more willing to approve short sales as foreclosure push.

David J. Stern launches legal battle against nation’s biggest mortgage servicers KBRA: high compliance costs will drive commercial lenders from mortgage space OCC’s Dugan Takes Aim at HOPE NOW’s Workout Claims Youngsters and the rotation take. now, Tomas appears primed to be the first domino to fall in the free agent market. His decision may affect the direction of the Phillies offseason. If Philadelphia.If a private lender keeps its personal residence loan terms below the thresholds in the definition of a high-cost mortgage, however, then the loans will merely be higher-priced mort-gages, and thus only three regulations have to be complied with.The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County is getting a $115,000 budget boost from an unusual source – leftovers from a successful class action lawsuit against former Florida foreclosure king David J. Stern. Palm Beach county circuit judge lucy Chernow Brown said in a Dec. 8 order that money.

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