Thousands of points higher on the Dow, and GDP in the 4’s or even 5’s. The US Dollar Index, which has already suffered heavy losses amid pricing of rate cut expectations, ignored those comments and.

Mortgage refinances may drop 77% by 2012 If you’re waiting for mortgage rates or house prices to hit bottom, you may have delayed too. who were upside down from refinancing. Here are some of the housing trends you should expect to see for.Ocwen unveils new principal reduction program Ocwen Financial Corporation is a publicly traded company that servicers loans. In 2014, the company reported $18 billion in revenues and had 15,610 employees. So, what is our beef with Ocwen? Where do we start?? Ocwen issued a press release last week to claim how it "helped" 75,000 homeowners in 2016 avoid foreclosure. The help came in the.

The first quarter’s strong 3.2% growth was boosted by one-time factors: Imports dropped following a fourth-quarter rush to bring in goods from China before tariffs took effect, which also made.

You can also view an archive of recent commentaries from GDPNow estimates. latest forecast: 1.4 percent – July 10, 2019 The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the second quarter of 2019 is 1.4 percent on July 10, up from 1.3 percent on July 3. The nowcast of second-quarter real GDP growth increased 0.1 percentage points on July 5 after the release of the employment report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Can India Hit 10 Percent GDP Growth By 2021? Although the third-quarter estimate was modestly stronger than the forecast. of an unexpected slowing in final sales (U.S. GDP less inventory investment), firms. prices and a rising value of the U.S. dollar (which helps lower import prices).. The unemployment rate is forecast to average 3.6 percent in the fourth quarter of .

 · Economists expect a reading in line with last month’s. Final fourth quarter U.S. GDP data comes out on Thursday, and is expected to be revised down slightly, to a 2.5% growth rate.

 · According to the BEA’s “third” and final GDP estimate for 2018, real U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in the fourth quarter was an average 2.2%%, down 0.4 percentage points from the “initial” estimate released in February and the brushed-up growth of 3.4% in the third quarter.

BofA moves on principal reduction promised in AG settlement Our hope and plan was that, because of the national mortgage settlement, it would be apparent that principal reduction works and would be employed beyond the Settlement. Indeed, our vision was that the Settlement would be a catalyst for the use of principal reduction in other loan modifications. That is starting to occur.RMBS investors slowly gain steam in marketplace Catastrophic Risk in US RMBS Fitch Ratings invites you to join a 30 minute webinar to discuss catastrophic risk in US RMBS. Fitch is proposing, for the first time, to make explicit adjustments to residential loan loss projections for catastrophic risk, and is requesting market feedback.

A major headwind for the global economy is the lingering trade war between the United States and China. The IMF thinks that the inability to come to an agreement. thinks that market expectations.

However it was not meant to be, and as the BEA reported moments ago, the first estimate of Q4 GDP came in at 2.6%, missing expectations and below last quarter’s 3.2% GDP print, and the lowest since the first quarter of 2017, largely as a result of a surging trade deficit in the fourth quarter.

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