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In other words you have to apply a layer of common sense as to whether what you want to do makes sense for where that duplex is. No one who owns a conforming single family home nearby would expect the City to give a variance for less than the SF5000 zoning allows. People rely on zoning as a support for their property value.

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Olympia, the state capital, is only about an hour away from Seattle but significantly more affordable. The median.

Is Seattle about to do away with single-family zoning? City reportedly working on zoning overhaul. July 7, 2015. Ben Lane. Real estate in Seattle could be on the verge of a seismic shift, thanks.

Medina and Hunts Point have zero homes that are not single-family houses. Clyde Hill, Skykomish, beaux arts village and Yarrow Point have fewer than 10 multifamily units each. The trend of housing.

The racist roots of single-family zoning So what is the correct percentage of Seattle that is single-family zoning? Well, single-family zoning in Seattle didn’t exist until the 1923 comprehensive plan. Prior to that, multifamily housing was legal in every part of the city. This is the reason there are existing duplexes, triplexes, and apartments in many of Seattle’s single-family.

Most U.S. cities were built following World War-II, function around the automobile, and do not have a contiguous. referring to the color of the single-family-residential zoning designation. This.

On the same lot, single-family zoning currently allows a three-story house up to 3,885 ft2, so a rezone from single-family to RSL would reduce the indoor living space by 43 percent. Roughly 900 of the 6,100 lots that the city has proposed to upzone from single-family to RSL are 3,700 ft2 or less.

Charlotte’s first zoning ordinance was written in 1947. “What the single-family zoning helped do was to designate certain neighborhoods. praised Minneapolis’ plan, and said doing away with.

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