· This story is from the August 11, 2003 issue of Fortune. It is the full text of an article excerpted in Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically.

Yet the ideas propounded by Arthur Laffer and others – that cutting taxes will ensure economic growth – persists. resulting in ever greater bonuses for those running the show. Last year in the US,

Abacus Federal Savings Bank found not guilty of defrauding Fannie Mae Why Bank of America Stock Soared in 2013 – These trends largely explained Bank of America’s success in this year’s comprehensive capital analysis and review process, or CCAR. After learning its capital plan had been approved by the Federal..

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Servicers shares rise after strong JPM, Wells Fargo earnings Shares of JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo diverge after earnings – JPMorgan Chase reported bumper results on Friday and touted a still-solid US economy, while Wells Fargo slashed a key profit benchmark, sending its shares sharply lower. JPMorgan notched a rise in first-quarter profits following a strong performance in the consumer and community banking division, the

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Someone is stealing For Sale signs in Phoenix and no one knows why Freddie Mac outlook: Housing activity remains stale Looking at housing market trends, Freddie Mac projected mortgage rates to remain in the 4.3% range for the rest of the year and expected total home sales to surpass the 2018 levels to reach 5.98.

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: California housing market tightens, FDIC closes 2 banks Monday Morning Cup of Coffee takes a look at news coming across the housingwire weekend desk, with more coverage to come on bigger issues. California is set to legalize marijuana trading next year and it’s already leading to an economic uptick in the Golden Bake, um, I mean Golden State.

 · Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 could cost more than a million workers their jobs, according to a report released Monday by the congressional budget office. The House of R

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Sen. Barack Obama said today that, while his rival John McCain seeks to "distract you with smears" and "Swift Boat-style attacks" in the last weeks of the campaign, he would keep.

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Another goldman sachs alum joins trump team. The appointment of Anthony Scaramucci adds another Goldman Sachs alum to the Trump team. Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, Gary Cohn, head of the National Economic Council, and Dina Powell, deputy national security.

Take the coffee-cup case as an example. If buying this cup saves trees, an even better way to save trees is not to buy coffee at all. And it’s not clear that lowering the demand for paper is going to actually save trees at all, since a lower demand would eventually mean less.

Why? In response to the Trump administration’s expected easing off of efforts to control how we eat, activists at the state and local level will build off of their gains on issues such as local soda.

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