We found: Americans still dream of owning their own homes, although the dream. say that homeownership is part of their personal “American Dream”. a natural disaster affecting their home than they were in prior surveys.

Fannie and Freddie give green light to resume sales of foreclosures Fannie and Freddie give green light to resume sales of foreclosures Fannie Mae Foreclosures – the Hidden Method for finding cheap homes for Sale.. (This is also the case for VA foreclosures and Freddie Mac foreclosures).. To encourage quick sales, Fannie Mae foreclosures may be sold through buyer incentive programs.

A robust 81% of adults said buying a home is the best long-term investment a person can make, according to a national survey by the Pew Research Center in Washington. "Owning a home is really a part.

The ‘bubble’The Great Recession, which began in late 2007 and lasted for nearly two years, is still having an impact on the U.S. housing market. American Dream of Home Ownership is Changing.

Bernanke calls for nationwide REO rental program Ben Bernanke's Solution To The Housing Crisis: Renting. – Bernanke’s paper did acknowledge the need for funding for a rental program, but left vague how the financing would work or who would provide it.. more than 400 foreclosed properties nationwide.

It seems that Americans are continuing to dream of homeownership, at least according to JPMorgan Chase’s recent survey. A total of 87% of those surveyed said owning a home is something they dream about. "Owning a home is at the heart of most Americans’ dreams," said Kevin Watters, CEO of mortgage banking at JPMorgan Chase..

Despite all the recent problems in the housing and mortgage industries, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that owning a home is still the American dream. When asked the simple question, "Do you think that owning a home is still the American dream?," 81 percent of people who responded to MMI’s recent Homeownership Survey answered, "yes."

Home ownership is still an aspiration among a majority of Americans – and the good. To revive upward mobility and safeguard the “American Dream” of a secure. white Americans to aspire towards home ownership, a Harvard study found.

Nightly Business Report: Are millennials starting to embrace the American Dream? The Dream Lives On: The Future of Homeownership in America. Yet there are clear signals already that the dream of homeownership remains very much alive. Attitudinal surveys recently conducted by a range of different organizations show strong and continued interest in homeownership, even among.

They survey the American public on a multitude of questions concerning today’s housing market. Each quarter, we like to pull out some of the findings we deem most interesting.. Homeownership: Still the american dream august 16, 2011 windermere tri-cities Homeownership: Still the American.

. American attitudes towards homeownership since 2009. Harris Interactive conducted this online survey on Trulia’s behalf in January 2011 among 2,079 U.S. adults aged 18 and over.KEY FINDINGS:.

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